100 Participants Compete At Taif Season To Win “Sadet El Beid – Hiking Experience
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Around 100 participants have participated in the Sadet El-Beid hiking competition at Taif Season this year, according to the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH).
“The event is designed to encourage mountain hiking, while ensuring participants follow the necessary safety measures, and use the appropriate tools,” the SCTH revealed.
Around 100 people have taken part in the event so far, Najla Al-Khalifa, an SCTH spokesperson, told Arab News on Monday.
Participants board a free bus to Al-Shifa, where they are assigned a team leader and assistants. They follow a path through the rocks up to the mountain, which overlooks Taif and from which they can enjoy views of the rose fields near the mountain.
Part of Taif Season’s remit —  apart from promoting Taif’s status as an attractive place to visit thanks to its historical status, its cultural and artistic diversity, and its moderate climate — is to contribute to the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to improve quality of life and create career and investment opportunities in the Kingdom, promoting Saudi Arabia as an international tourist destination.
Taif Season consists of more than 70 events in areas including Souq Okaz, near the camel festival, Sadet Al-Beid, and Ward Village.
It represents an aspect of daily life for ancient Arabs through creative live shows including more than 2,000 actors and professionals who receive guests in modern Arabic and traditional clothes, and perform stories and improvizations based on a dialogue between actors and visitors.



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