Saudi Restaurant Closed, Workers Arrested With Urine Bottles In Kitchen
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My trust from restaurants just got broke after reading that one of the restaurants in Saudi Arabia crossed all limits of unhygienic practices. When its kitchen was inspected, it turned out to be a urine storage place.

Yes, the Saudi authorities, Khamis Mashit, has revealed that a Saudi restaurant was sealed and its workers were arrested as urine-filled bottles were found inside the premises of the restaurant!

This is utterly disgusting! A place where food is being cooked, the workers are involved in filling empty bottles with pee! Yikes! I just hope I have never entered that restaurant! Imagining the stuff makes me vomit.

However, the Saudi authorities have kept the name of the restaurant a secret yet has assured that the suspects have been arrested and the restaurant has been sealed.

Bader Al Qarni who heads the municipality of the city released a statement claiming that investigation is being held and the culprits are arrested. He also assured that those imprisoned shall be given their due punishment.

It is suspected that the urine was used as a basic ingredient in one or more of the dishes prepared and served by the restaurant. Instead of going to the washroom, workers used to pee in bottles save up the ingredient for their chef.

However, this is something that has sparked outrage among the Saudis. The photos have been revolving around the social media. People are simply disgusted at the restaurant and its authorities for practicing the most unhygienic activity inside the restaurant.

The social media users have asked the authorities to disclose the name of the restaurant for the sake of justice. They say it is unfair to keep the restaurant’s name a secret. People shall know which restaurant is guilty of such an act.

They say that would completely boycott the restaurant even if it gets clearance and reopens. Some people have however cursed the restaurant and said that the workers should be given strict punishment. Such people are criminals, they have been playing with the health of others.

God knows what damage to health they have caused! They shall be punished severely.  They also asked our municipal authorities to vigilantly check all the restaurants and make sure quality food under hygienic practices is being provided.

The authorities shall now check that all restaurants are providing hygienic food to their customers.  Nevertheless, some said to remain at homes and enjoy the most hygienic food cooked by mums and wives!

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