Young Men Attacked A Woman Involved In Scootie Renting Business
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A group of young men attacked a woman involved in scootie renting business in Jazan. Timely rescue by security guards saved the life of the woman who was thrashed several times by the rowdy group.

A video clip of the incident went viral on the social media with people sympathizing with her and calling for severe punishment for the attackers.

The woman, Daeefa Mohammed Saleh Al-Ameri, said she was elated by the instructions issued by Jazan Emir Prince Muhammad Bin Nasser to apprehend the attackers and bring them to justice and also by expression of his sincere sympathy with her.

"Renting scooties is the only source of income for me, my husband and children," she said.

Daeefa said she has been in the business at Prince Muhammad Bin Nasser public park for six months without any incident.

"What happened on Friday made no impact on me. It was an isolated incident. The furor over the incident was caused by the video film which was circulated on the social media," she said.

Daeefa said the police called her several times to question her about the incident during investigations into the case.

She said she worked hard to save money to buy the scooties which she rents at SR10 for 10 minutes.

"I passionately followed up the reaction of the people on the social media. They are good people who are hospitable. This sympathetic reaction brought tears to my eyes," she said.

Daeefa said the officials promised to shift her to a better place and to increase the number of security guards so that no such incident happens again.



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