CCHI Revealed SR100,000 Health Insurance Benefit For Tourists
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The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) has revealed that the health insurance policy for tourists guarantees them basic insurance coverage in all regions of the Kingdom against emergency health risks with a maximum benefit of SR100,000.

Yasser Al-Maarek, spokesman of the Council, said that the policy includes the expenses for tests and treatment of emergency cases, hospitalization, childbirth, treatment for premature babies, traffic accident injuries, dialysis of emergency cases, medical evacuation within the Kingdom and outside, and daily cost for stay and food of patients as well as for nursing services, doctor’s visits and medical supervision.

The health insurance also covers the cost of emergency dental treatment, including filling, nerve treatment and removing abscess; antibiotics and painkillers up to a maximum of SR500; expenses of pregnancy and emergency delivery up to SR5,000; repatriation of dead bodies to home country with a maximum coverage of SR10,000 and the cost for travel of relative accompanying the deceased with a maximum of SR5,000.

Al-Maarek said that the insurance expense will be met from the accounts of insurance companies so that the insured tourists do not have to pay money to health care providers within the network of service providers specified by the insurance company.

If the insured tourists are obliged to obtain health care outside the network of the designated service providers, they will be reimbursed by the insurance companies in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Al-Maarek called on all tourists to contact the General Secretariat of the Council for replies of their queries and clarifications about the benefits of the tourist policy or file complaints through the uniform toll free number 920001177 or the portal or telephone number: 2021300011.

They can also contact through one of the electronic media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn in cchiksa as well as through the smartphone application.



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