Saudi Police Deny Woman Driver Behind Horrific Car Crash
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Security forces have revealed details regarding a horrific accident that recently took place in Saudi.  

According to Arabic sources, a video which has gone viral on social media showing a car that appears to be impaled on rods of a metallic roadside barrier, was driven by a male. 

Rumors had been circulated that the driver was a woman, but that is false, as a  Tabuk-based Red Crescent spokesperson indicated. 

"The operations room received a tip off that a 30-year-old man had an accident in Tabuk area.

"He was transferred to King Khalid hospital and is now in stable condition."

This comes as women throughout the Kingdom have been applying for and obtaining driver's permits.

A total of 100 permits were issued to women in Tabuk alone, specifically for teachers from a local school.



25 Jun, 2018 3 3180
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